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Lafayette Chiropractor Uses Low Force Technique for Restoring Health & Pain Relief

 Dr. John Sullivan in Lafayette is a pioneer in the application of low force techniques for spinal adjusting. There are thousands of people who struggle with back pain, neck pain, headaches, allergies and a myriad of other painful and life-disrupting ailments who would benefit from Chiropractic care, but who are nervous about the typical cracking, popping and twisting typically associated with spinal adjustments and treatment. 

However, Dr. John dispels this anxiety by using low force spinal adjusting techniques and has revolutionized the way people experience Chiropractic care.  He is highly-skilled and experienced in providing very gentle, yet highly-effective, natural pain relief.

Chiropractic Low Force Technique: Helping Your Body Help Itself

Low force spinal adjusting techniques are unique in Chiropractic care. Dr. John has successfully practiced low force technique exclusively for over  27 years, gently helping people who struggle with nervous system interference due to spinal subluxations to rebalance their musculoskeletal systems. This has resulted in natural pain relief without the extra nervousness and discomfort for patients ranging in age from 3 days old to 94 years.

One of the core benefits of low force Chiropractic techniques such as the Activator Method and our low-level  laser is that they are very helpful for a much wider range of patients, and for a very wide range of conditions. Babies, children and elderly patients need much more gentle care, for example. People who have suffered traumatic injuries and are already in pain also need an approach that is both effective and gentle. Dr. John’s low force techniques have helped people overcome everything from back pain, neck pain, fatigue and whiplash to headaches, knee pain, shoulder pain, allergies and fibromyalgia.

Dr. John’s low force techniques also recognize that the body is a complete, integrated system made up of both skeletal and soft tissues, and not simply the skeleton. Gentler spinal adjustment techniques give the supporting soft tissues a better chance of holding on to the spinal adjustments. In fact, our laser also helps accelerate healing in the soft tissues themselves—reducing inflammation, stimulating cellular regeneration, increasing circulation and causing the body to produce endorphins. All of these things add to comprehensive, natural, drug-free pain relief and true healing from the inside out.

When the spine is properly aligned, it helps the body heal itself and prevents painful symptoms from occurring. One of the main purposes of the Chiropractic care administered at Independence Chiropractic is to allow patients to receive the kind of care that will bring the body into balance and allow for naturally healing and improved wellness. 

To learn more about Dr. John’s gentle, revolutionary approach to Wellness & Chiropractic, call us today at 337-984-9276 and schedule an appointment! 

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