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Lafayette Weight Management Chiropractor

Weight management is something with which millions of Americans struggle on a daily basis - and something that is a losing battle for many people. Dr. John Sullivan is one of Lafayette's leading Chiropractors and an authority on diet and weight management. If you have tried every diet under the sun and failed, a visit to Dr. John at Independence Chiropractic will help set you on the road to a life of a healthy weight that you never thought possible.

Dr. John operates  his Chiropractic Clinic with his wife, Julia, and another dedicated member of the team, Chloe, . Together they work in concert to address the personal, individual needs of each patient, and create a warm, welcoming and comfortable environment for every person who walks through their doors. Dr. John has 27 years  experience as a Chiropractor and has studied nutrition and weight loss for over 40 years.

Independence Chiropractic is also a Lafayette weight management center that will help you live a healthy life, at a healthy weight. Dr. John does not believe in diets and dieting; diets simply don't work. If you have tried every weight loss method possible and failed, this is why. At their Lafayette Clinic, Dr. John and his experienced staff use Chiropractic and natural, effective methods to address  weight issues and help you achieve your goal weight, and optimal health. Part of this process is supporting YOU in your efforts to DECIDE what your GOALS really are and giving you the tools necessary to reach them.  If you are truly ready to change We CAN help !!

No More Dieting

Dr. John does not focus on diets but more on how to heal the  digestive process, and reduce stress on the body. By eating the way nature intended the body gets fed as well as nourished. This causes the hunger feeling to go away and usually in a FEW DAYS the sugar craving is GONE.

Patients Loose 30 plus pounds in 3 months:

At Dr. John's clinic it is not unusual for people to loose 30 lbs. or more in just 3 months. This is the norm for people who follow his SIMPLE eating plan. Other benefits of eating according to NATURE are, getting off dangerous medications (especially blood pressure and cholesterol meds), depression vanishing once and for all, inflammation and fibromyalgia going away after being there for YEARS.  The list of things that respond to proper eating is endless. YOU HAVE TO TRY IT TO BELIEVE IT!


DR. SULLIVAN TAKES THIS PRINCIPLE SERIOUSLY. Having fought a weight problem most of his life, Dr. JOHN knows the frustration of dealing with all the misinformation about diets. After years of study and experimentation Dr. John now enjoys good food and has between 5% and 8% body fat !!!!!!

He loves to share this GOOD NEWS with his patients.

CALL 337-984-9276 TO Either schedule an appointment or just come in! WALK-INS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME. NO APPOINTMENTS NEEDED. YOU CAN'T BE LATE HERE !

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In order to provide the best care each patient needs it is necessary to make an appointment. If you need to Walk-In we will make every effort to see you as soon as possible.  

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