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Lafayette Back Pain Chiropractor: Natural Treatments for Back Pain, Allergies, Fibromylagia and More

Are you struggling with chronic pain, fatigue and exhaustion? Has an injury left you unable to move freely? Do you fear being dependent on prescription painkillers for the rest of your life? At Independence Chiropractic  in Lafayette, we are here to give you back your life. Whether you suffer from back pain, fibromylagia or allergies, Dr. John J. Sullivan, a Chiropractor with 26 years experience, can help you find lasting relief the natural way. Dr. Sullivan's non-force adjustments relieve pain, restore balance to your body and cure the underlying problem so you can lead an active, healthy life.

Lafayette Back Pain Relief Through All-Natural, Non-Force Chiropractic  Care

You do not need to spend your life dependent on prescription painkillers and medications. Traditional medical care only treats the symptoms you experience, temporarily relieving pain while ignoring the underling cause of the problem. Without treating the problem, however, it is impossible for you to ever get better! That is our job here at Independence Chiropractic.  Dr. Sullivan uses conservative, non-invasive treatment techniques to restore alignment and balance to your body. He has pioneered the field of unique, non-force Chiropractic care, a revolutionary and incredibly effective treatment that has safely helped patients of all ages from three days old to 94 years young.

Non-force Chiropractic is different than the care many Chiropractors provide. Non-force means that there is no "popping" or "cracking" sound. Instead, Dr. Sullivan uses the only hand held cordless adjusting instrument approved by the F.D.A. to deliver gentle spinal correction to restore alignment to the body. This is especially effective for patients who have suffered personal injuries, auto accidents or struggle with chronic pain. In many of these cases, the pain is caused by a herniated or degenerated disc in the spine. When a disc is out of place, it puts pressure on the surrounding nerves, causing chronic, radiating pain. Non-force treatments restore alignment and promote natural healing, correcting the disc's placement and relieving pressure on the nerves.

Dr. Sullivan's whole body wellness approach is effective for patients in cases of chronic pain, fibromylagia and allergies. His pain neutralization techniques and low-force adjusting are the same, cutting-edge care treatments that the world's best athletes receive. He also employs Low Level Laser treatment.  The laser works by giving energy to sick or damaged body tissue so they can begin to function normally again.  Dr. Sullivan says, "Light Therapy has the potential to re-write health care as we know it".  The end of dangerous drug therapy is within sight.  When cells can function normally, they can repair damaged tissues and heal the body from within.  Low force laser treatment uses a special wavelength frequency designed to stimulate cell repair the natural way, and also relieve pain.  

Patients choose Independence Chiropractic  because of our natural approach to pain relief - and the decades of experience we have successfully helping patients. Dr. Sullivan is the only Advanced Proficiency Chiropractor in the entire Lafayette region, and one of the few in Louisiana. In fact, his free health class has helped hundreds of patients overcome everything from back pain to allergies. Non-force treatments such as low-force adjusting are truly a miracle cure; these treatments relieve pain, give people back their health, and restore a full range of movement and flexibility to the body.

Don't give up on finding an alternative to prescription pain medications and invasive surgery. Dr. Sullivan and our entire team are ready to help you! Call us at 337-984-9276 today.

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