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Lafayette Chiropractic Health and Nutrition with Dr. John

To many people ,chronic  pain, disease and diet do  not have an apparent relationship.. Back pain is not always caused by trauma, it can also be the result of a lifestyle of unhealthy habits. Other problems, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes,  fibromyalgia and allergies, can also be affected by the health and nutrition choices that we make. Our Lafayette Chiropractor , Dr. John Sullivan, is well versed in the relationship between our habits and health and provides advice on improving our wellbeing by the decisions we make.

Our Lafayette Clinic's Wellness Approach

Many Chiropractic and medical problems can easily be regulated if not eliminated by our choice of diet. The science of nutrition is how our diets affect our overall well-being. Applying this science is the old axiom, "you are what you eat."  If you eat healthy food, you will be healthier. On the other hand, if you eat unhealthy foods, you will be less healthy. Dr. John Sullivan's approach is to identify the unhealthy aspects of your diet and discuss an alternate diet plan.

Obesity, or even having a little extra weight, is a more common cause of pain than many people realize. Being overweight can cause a great deal of stress on the spine and joints. Losing weight can take a lot of this stress off of your joints and spine. The ideal body fat percentage is between 18 and 22 percent, and many people have been surprised to find out how far over that percentage they are.

The relationship between obesity and your health does not end there. Many other problems often come with being overweight, such as diabetes, heart problems and high blood pressure.  All of these can contribute to lowering your quality of life, causing pain and fatigue.

There are many other problems that can be addressed by proper nutrition. Stress, anxiety, fibromyalgia, and even allergies can be affected by what you ingest. Aside from unhealthy diet choices such as consuming sugar and MSG regularly, there may be perfectly healthy foods in your diet that can cause back pain and other problems. You may have a mild food allergy that, while not immediately threatening, may undermine your entire immune system. You may not even be overweight and what you take in can contribute to your pain.

Exercise and proper body mechanics are also extremely important in pain management. These two problems can build upon each other, making things even worse. Sedentary and desk-bound lifestyles are notoriously bad for your posture, and a lack of exercise compounds this problem. While you should not necessarily quit your job, there are a lot of ergonomic pointers that can keep your posture at its best. Above all, regular exercise is a huge benefit to your wellbeing, far beyond the benefits of helping your posture.  It positively affects your body on all levels, even the mental and emotional levels.

Our Lafayette Chiropractor is an expert in how your lifestyle affects your wellbeing. Whether used alone or in combination with Chiropractic care, his advice has helped many people achieve their best level of fitness. Call today at 337-984-9276 to schedule an appointment or to learn more about Dr. John's health nutrition plan and restorative exercises.

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