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Pain Relief by Certified Activator Lafayette Chiropractor

Slide02_v01.jpgDr. John Sullivan has been on the cutting edge of Chiropractic techniques that create health and wellness for his patients for nearly a quarter of a century. With a life-long mission to help patients feel and function at their optimum levels, he is the only Acadania Chiropractor who holds Advanced Proficiency Certification in Activator Methods—a successful, gentle spring-loaded stimulation to the mechanoreceptors. This is the preferred method of adjusting for the Jamaican Olympic Team and Usain Bolt (the world's fastest human).

Instead of manual stimulation that produces popping or cracking sounds for which other techniques are known, this method adjusts specific areas of the spine gently with a precisely calibrated instrument; all without popping, cracking or forceful stimulation. Dr. John’s experience and skill with the low-force Activator are well-known throughout America (and Australia where he is also licensed) where he often trains other doctors on these effective, yet gentle techniques.

Sole Activator Method Certified Chiropractor in Acadania Area

The Activator Method is not only a gentle spinal adjustment method, but also a way of diagnosing imbalances in the spine that lead to painful imbalances in the rest of the body. By carefully measuring leg lengths and performing other measurements, Dr. John can diagnose where those imbalances are. Once these are located, he uses a small spring-loaded Activator device that provides gentle, highly-targeted, directional stimulation to the affected areas of the spine. The only sound a patient hears is from the device itself (it clicks like a stapler, but is painless to the patient)—no popping or cracking of the spinal joints. 

Dr. John continually monitors the improvement in the patient’s balance and provides additional stimulation from the Activator as necessary. The goal is to normalize the patient’s spinal alignment back into proper balance. As the only Chiropractor who holds Advanced Proficiency Certification in Activator Methods in the Lafayette area, Dr. John has helped thousands of patients find pain relief gently and naturally using these non-forceful techniques.

Chiropractic care using the Activator is a successful option for a wide variety of patients because it is so gentle. Patients recently suffering from trauma and are particularly sensitive or in extreme pain respond well to this method. It is also very effective for children and elderly patients. Due to the gentle and controlled nature of the adjustments, the body is less likely to fight against them, which makes it an effective, positive experience for the patient. As it gently realigns the spine, it removes interference from the nervous system by un-pinching nerves, which provides pain relief without drugs and their troubling side effects. In our office, Dr. John uses it to treat back pain, neck pain, whiplash, headaches, knee pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder pain and many other ailments.

Dr. John is committed to helping patients get the relief they need in the most gentle, natural way possible so that the body is prompted to heal itself. Please call us today at 337-984-9276 for an appointment or to ask more questions about how the Activator technique can help you!

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