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 Patient Success Stories


Dr. John,

Your Original Strength maneuvers daily, along with your periodic adjustments have given me pain relief and mobility that I have been unable to attain by any other means. Thanks for sharing your expertise with me and restoring my health.


D. G. Baker MD


I was able to get off of Celebrex this week due to the wonderful care of Dr. Sullivan and his office. I had been on Celebrex for over 3 years! I am very grateful for this improvement of my health. Thank you!

Andrea L.


I rarely ever do this but I gotta say...my experience with Dr. John Sullivan @ Independence Chiropractic has been truly wonderful.  His knowledge and teaching on the vital topic of nutrition is very uncommonly matched or practiced by his peers in the medical field.  My Day & I attended one of his nutrition classes and it literally changed Dad's life; he was able to get off of two prescription medications by changing his diet and following Dr. Sullivan's advice.  His staff is the most professional I have encountered and the experience you have there will not be that of a typical "doctor's visit".  I highly recommend Dr. Sullivan to anyone needing chiropractic care or nutritional information.  They are quite a rock star team and I am inspired to be healthier and stronger every time I visit.  

Kara Talbot


Dr. Sullivan, along with his staff, have changed my life for the better. How? THEY SINCERELY CARE ABOUT THE HEALTH OF THEIR PATIENTS!!!!!! I first visited the clinic five years ago because I had horrible pain in my back and right hip. I could barely walk without crying, but after the FIRST adjustment, I could actually walk without pain. AMAZING!!!!! My next two statements are VERY important and are the reason I am still a patient today. Little did I know, my spine was extremely subluxated and had been for years. I had NO IDEA because I've never had back trouble before. Dr. Sullivan and his staff have taught me how important it is to have a healthy spine-which is a properly aligned spine. That is why I am still a patient today. I have also reaped other wonderful benefits by remaining a patient with Dr. Sullivan. I have lost over 60 pounds in less than a year and have kept if off; my bad cholesterol has dropped 10 points and my good cholesterol has increased 11 points; my triglycerides have dropped 9 points; my blood pressure has been normal (it used to run borderline high for years); my sinus problems have disappeared; I have tons of energy and I just feel GREAT for the first time in my life!! By attending Dr. Sullivan's Thursday night class, I have learned the TRUTH about health! FINALLY !!!!!!! You won't hear it anywhere else!!! The BEST thing I have done for myself -my health- was walking through the door of the Independence Chiropractic clinic years ago. Like I said before, I am still a patient and will continue to be for the rest of my life. It is VERY IMPORTANT for everyone to take care of his or her spine. The BEST place to do that is at the Independence Chiropractice clinic. Dr. Sullivan and his staff are AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Drop by and see for yourself! It WILL change your life for the BETTER!!!!

Nancy M.


I began seeing Dr. Sullivan about 3 months ago.  I came in because I had been experiencing lower back pain for a few years and at this point I had had enough.  After my first adjustment, I felt fantastic and have ever since.  There is no longer any pain whatsoever in my lower back and a number of other positives have come about as well.  For as long as I can remember, I have always had such a "fog" in my thinking.  Most days I would feel as if I was just floating by and had a really hard time comprehending conversations.  I realized it was "brain fog". Well now, I am so clear headed and it is a super great feeling.  The anxiety that accompanied my brain fog is also non existent.  It is amazing how calm I am throughout the day, even though my job can be extremely stressful.  No more depression for me either.  That's a miracle!!  I have energy EVERYDAY - and feel ready and eager to face the day!  I do feel like a new person.  I also had insomnia for years - WELL, THAT'S GONE ALSO!  I just feel great!  When I read previous testimonials, I thought this could not be true - but surely it is!  I love his natural approach to everything!  Julia and Vanessa are super amazing as well.  I can't wait til my next appointment!

Kerri P.


Dear Dr. Sullivan and staff,

I have been suffering with muscle ache and neck pain for many years.  A friend recommended Dr. Sullivan and I was reluctant until she mentioned that he does no "cracking"!   I began treatment and eventually began to feel relief.  But I also noticed that I no longer had pulsatile tinnitus.  I could hear my heartbeat pounding in my ear - not painful but extremely aggravating, especially at night when trying to fall asleep.  The diet suggestions seemed extreme (at first!) but after eliminating 90% of the sugar in my diet, reduced carbs and starting Intramax, I lost 8 lbs in 3 weeks and my energy level is great!  I am 60 and taking care of grand babies each week.  So I appreciate being able to keep up!  Bless you all!

Jennifer Connolly


Before coming into Dr. Sullivan's office, I had been in pain for the last 6 years and after my first visit I feel like a new man.  I never felt pressured to do anything like I have felt at other doctor's offices.  I really felt like I was getting taken care of, and not just rushed off to get the next patient in.  The staff is so nice and helpful, it just makes the experience even better.  I thank Dr. Sullivan for relieving me of the pain that I've been in for the last 6 years.  I thank God for Dr. Sullivan and if there were more men like him on this earth it would be a much better place.  I would recommend Dr. Sullivan to anyone who is in pain and wants relief, without being on a pill bottle.  A++ experience and I can't wait for my next appointment.

Alex Farris


When I first came to see Dr. Sullivan, I had no feeling in both my legs.  My lower back was in spasms constantly.  I was having bladder control issues.  My legs felt like they were going to give out on me on any movement.  I have no idea what caused all this.  After trying everything over the counter for pain with out success; (and due to family issues) unwilling to seek traditional medical care with possibility of narcotics, and /or surgery.  Thank God for Dr. Sullivan and his staff!!!  No narcotics, no surgery, feeling returned to my legs, bladder control improved, pain decreased, and no constant spasms!!! Also have learned how important food is in living your daily life.  I'm so thankful!  My eating habits are better.  I'm losing weight, my blood sugars have returned to normal, and I'm not starving or dieting any more.  God Bless you Dr. Sullivan for your faith based care and teaching healthy living life styles to your patients.

Brenda Parker


Dear Dr. John,

I would like to tell you of my experience this past weekend concerning healthy eating habits. I recently completed my 30-day program of healthy eating that you suggested to me. No sugar or starchy foods got me feeling great by the end of the thirty days! This past weekend started off with Friday night eating what is now normal to me :). But then I had 4 Oreo cookies and a half a chocolate covered donut. I didn't sleep as well as I usually did since I started seeing you 3 months ago. Saturday I had eggs for breakfast with some greens but then for lunch, I had an icecream cone. Supper was totally out of control with McDonald's. Well, I just have to let you know that not having sugar in my body for thirty full days and then doing something like this, I felt the change right away. Nauseated, low energy,just plain tired! Not to mention the guilt that weighed in on me. The sweetness didn't even taste good anymore!

I am already planning my fight with temptation on Thanksgiving because there is nothing like feeling great compared to the misery I felt this weekend. Not going back. I've come a very long way since my first visit as you well know and I never want to feel like that again. Thank you so much for your concern and dedication to my recovery. It is so appreciated and I thank God for putting you in my path when He did! Bless you and your staff.

Jenny B. Miller


Dr. Sullivan, Vanessa, Julia,

 I have purchased the book, It Starts with Food, from your office and have read it and have been following the nutritional guidelines for one month.  I cannot tell you how much better I feel!!!!  My energy level has skyrocketed!  I have the same amount of energy from the time I wake up in the morning until bedtime.  Even though my energy level has increased, at bedtime, I fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly all night long.  I do not feel tired and sluggish during the day or evening time.  I do not wake up with an irritaing sinus drip anymore.  I've always had sinus problems, but the problems have disappeared.  I have had my gall bladder removed several years ago.  Right after the surgery, my bowel movements were very frequent during the day and have been that way for years. I was told that this could be expected after the surgery so I thought this was normal.  The second day on the Whole30 program, I have only one bowel movement a day.  I cannot believe it.  Also, I used to be a hot natured person.  I would be the employee at work that kept the air conditioner thermostat as low as I could.  Everybody else would freeze at the office just so I could be comfortable.  Guess what, I immediatley noticed that I am comfortable at work with the thermostat set at room temperature.  Sometimes I am actually chilly indoors.  My sugar cravings are pretty much gone.  At work on Halloween morning, my co workers brought warm chocolate chip cookies and cakes to the office.  Usually I cannot resist chocolate chip cookies, especially when they are right out of the oven.  I did not have one cookie or piece of cake that day at the office.  I was around my co workers as they ate those pastries, but it did not bother me at all.   All my life I have been addicted to ketchup.  I would eat ketchup with all three of my meals.  One of the food items that was a "ketchup-must" to me was scrambled eggs.  I now can enjoy my scrambled eggs without ketchup.  On the second morning of the Whole30 program, I sat down at my kitchen table and took my first bite of scrambled eggs.  I actually, for the first time in my life, tasted what an egg actually tastes like!  I quit drowning my foods in ketchup and I am starting to finally start tasting the actual foods and enjoying them!!  Also, I have lost two pant sizes in just one month!!  I cannot express how much better I feel!!   Your Thursday night health classes are  priceless!  Attending your class is how I found out about the Whole30 program.  I now have a much better understanding about insulin and the negative effects of over- eating sugar.  Doctor Sullivan, Vanessa and Julia- I want to thank you all again for taking very good care of me.  Thanks for all you do!


Five years ago, I was 54 years old and returned from one of many mission trips to
Mexico. After days of hanging sheet rock on the ceiling of a church we were building, I
suffered nightly with headaches and upper neck pain. I was diagnosed with migraines,
TMJ, I was told I need braces on my teeth. I went to see Dr. John, had my back x-rayed
and diagnosed. After 4 weeks, my headaches and neck pain were gone. After 6 months, my
back felt young again. No more pain, no more stomach problems and the stress that comes
with it.

I visited with Dr. John a few months ago. Two months ago he again told me to change my
diet, no more sugar or sweeteners, no more carbs, flour products, starches, beans,
bread. Two weeks after the diet change, the swelling in my ankles and wrists was gone. I
had more energy so started exercising. It has been two months now. I have no heartburn,
more energy, insomnia and less stress. I no longer have to get up 3 or 4 times a night
to use the restroom. I awake rested and happy. I'm looking forward to the rest of my
very long and adjusted life.

Jimmy Simon
Former Chiropractic Cynic


I went to Dr. Sullivan because I was suffering with deep tissue aches up an down the left side of my body. I'm 41, athletic, and in otherwise good health yet I've been taking ibuprofen 4 days a week for years just to get minimal relief. I've seen a few Dr 's over the years but haven't had any success. I pretty much figured that these aches would always be a part of my life. Dr. Sullivan began treating me and teaching me about proper nutrition. I decided to follow his suggestions and change my eating habits. Dr Sullivan continued to educate me and encourage me and I continued to make progress with the changes. I have now been pain free for 6 weeks(which hasn't happened in 10 years). I've also had terrible seasonal allergies my entire life, this is something that I didn't even mention to Dr Sullivan, but they have improved significantly as well. I'm so grateful to Dr. Sullivan for improving the quality of my life and for his patient persistence in helping me to eat better foods.

Thank you Dr. Sullivan.

Shanda H

Dr. Sullivan,

I went to Dr. Sullivan to try his Chiropractic method after he had successfully helped my wife with her tailbone and back pain that she had suffered from for years. I had been to other Chiropractic offices previously due to neck pain, but only received partial relief. After the first session with Dr. Sullivan, I received total relief. I have also followed his diet plan for about three months with great success as I have lost five inches from my waistline. I also do not snore anymore and I am no longer on any blood pressure medication.

My senses of taste and smell have been heightened. I initially noticed that these senses had diminished upon returning from Desert Storm while serving with the U.S. Marine Corps. I have my quality of life back and feel like I did when I was in my twenties.

Thank you Dr. Sullivan!!! Semper Fi!!!

 I consider myself very fortunate to have come across Dr. Sullivan and Independence Chiropractic through an online search. I began this health journey by asking Dr. Sullivan for help a little over a month ago and am feeling much better with relief from a stiff neck and otitis media ( middle ear problem). I am grateful to have met Dr. Sullivan and his staff because their help is allowing me to better live the life I believe God gave me 52 years ago. With a continued commitment on my part the next review I write will have even more GOOD NEWS to describe. NON - FORCE CHIROPRACTIC IS A WELLNESS PATH. DR. SULLIVAN AND HIS APPROACH TO TOTAL HEALTH CAN REALLY BRING MORE LIFE TO YOUR DAYS!!!!


My name is David Benoit and this is my story. For 20 years I have been suffering from Sciatic pain down my legs. One morning at work the pain got so bad I had to leave work. I drove to Dr. Sullivan's office and just laid down in my truck. I could not get out of the truck. He saw my truck in the parking lot and came to investigate and saw me lying on the front seat. He and his nurse helped me into his office. To make a long story short. He treated me that morning and I WALKED OUT OF THE OFFICE ON MY OWN. I am pain free and have a NEW LIFE. I still get regular Chiropractic care it is the best thing that ever happened to me. Dr. Sullivan and Chiropractic gave me my life back. 


 I am Bertha. I am a patient of Dr. Sullivan's. I came to see him because of a lot of neck pain that radiated to the back of my head. At night the pain would wake me up from a sound sleep and I could not find a comfortable position to sleep in. After only one month of treatments my pain is almost totally gone and the radiating pain is totally gone. I am able to sleep all night. 



About 12 years ago I decided to see an orthopedist for tail bone pain. He told me I had arthritis and a degenerative disk in the tailbone area and that I would eventually need surgery to remove the bone sometime in the future. five years later after dealing with the pain by taking over the counter meds, the pain worsened and I began having lower back and neck pain. decided to see a rheumatologist who diagnosed me with the beginning stages of anklyosing spondolitis which is a form of arthritis where the vertebrae eventually fuse together. I was prescribed physical therapy and was given postural exercises and a prescription for muscle relaxers. The therapy was great but temporary and I could not function at work after taking the drugs, so I dealt with the pain and took over the counter meds. I dealt with this pain for about 10 years. When I couldn't stand it anymore I decided to return to the orthopedist who gave me a cortisone injection. Three days after that excruciating experience I was finally pain free in the tailbone area for three months, then the pain returned with a vengeance. Three doctors later, I was still having the tailbone pain and by this time I was really getting discouraged. A good friend of mine had been tryin to convince me to see Dr. Sullivan because he was helping her tremendously. She invited me to Dr. Sullivan's nutrition class and it was enlightening!
I began eating better and feeling better in just three days. I then scheduled my appointment with Dr. Sullivan and will never regret it. Dr. Sullivan really to an interest in my back and neck problems and found things the other doctors didn't notice. I have only been seeing him for a few weeks and my tailbone pain is quickly becoming a thing of the past. If you are in pain, do something about it - give Dr. Sullivan a call. He is honest, straightforward and really cares about overall health. God bless you Dr. Sullivan - I am so glad I listened to my friend.

I am an avid sportsman and continue to race motorcycles to this day and at the age of 51 was starting to have problems with weight gain, aches and pains that I was not accustomed to.  I considered myself to be knowledgeable about eating habits, but it seemed to never make the real difference.  Even with exercise and walking, I was not getting to my target. 

Dr John suggested that I try eating only fruit before noon and then after noon, eat only either a protein meal or carb meal with little or no grains.  Now being from South Louisiana, this is tough, but I have been on it for about six weeks now and I have lost 15 lbs, no longer have arthritis in my hands and my back, have regained a significant level of lung capacity, increased my flexibility and improved my exercise program.  Also, there are some other attributes that I won't go into but let say I will stay away from any blue pills for even longer.  

I had recently broken my back and several ribs in a race and was having some back pain, and now that has subsided too as well.  Also, one other thing my wife really likes besides not needing the blue pill is that my snoring has almost stopped completely.  I will continue to maintain this program because I know it has reduced the amount of fluid in by system, and is clearly balancing my pH and digestion.  It is remarkable that this simple technique has provided me with more results than years of trying to eat special ways.

Dr John also has some exercise methods that work well too.  So the eating program along with his core exercise techniques go a long way to staying in a good condition and having the best quality of life possible even at my age and with my hobbies being what they are.


Luke Conner
CEO/Chief Technologist Fibromyalgia Gone! Got my Life BACK

Three weeks ago I walked into Dr. John Sullivan's Chiropractic office and was unable to turn my neck. After being "diagnosed" with FIBROMYALGIA for SEVEN YEARS, I have tried EVERY Doctor in the book in hopes that I would somehow get well.  NOW because of Dr. Sullivan's program, both physical and nutritional, I FEEL FINE !!!! I am GETTING MY LIFE BACK...

I encourage anyone to participate in this program of correct eating and exercising as little as five minutes a day in the comfort of your own home. I am amazed at my new energy level and cannot thank Dr. Sullivan enough !!
NOW I can pursue dreams that I had long ago put on the shelf !! I am so happy that I turned my car into this doctors office that day. He took me in, a walk in patient with NO appointment almost right away. Without a doubt I'm on the road to recovery and I LOOK FORWARD TO EACH NEW DAY.

Debra M. Bailey


I began seeing Dr. Sullivan because of anxiety; well that is what the doctor called it. I had difficulty breathing, tightness and pain in my chest and felt horrible. After a trip to the ER, the doctor prescribed Valium and I definitely did not want to start taking an addictive medicine that may mask the symptoms but would not solve the problem. A friend suggested Dr. Sullivan and I was skeptical but I am so glad that I went. My pains are gone and I am feeling great.

I put on forty pounds in the past two years and I did not realize why until I was sitting in Dr. Sullivan's Thursday night class. He asked if anyone was addicted to sugar and the light bulb went off. I had never heard of a sugar addiction but I immediately knew I had one. I asked what the solution was. Dr. Sullivan explained that I was not combining my foods properly. I took his suggestions and within a week I had more energy than I knew what to do with and I was not craving sugar for the first time in a very long time. I am waiting a month before I check to see if I lost any weight, but I can tell that I have by the way my clothes fit. I am amazed.

une 2011 - Amy G.

Chiropractic Saved My Life 

When I started to come to see Dr. Sullivan, I did not know what to expect.  In a way he saved my life.  When you are in pain like I was and your body is hurting, you will try anything.  I have energy now and can walk and not feel like I am falling to the side.  I will always be grateful that I came to see this fine doctor. He saved me from being depressed and just sitting around all the time.

Carolyn >

Immediate Relief from Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia.  The treatments I have received from Dr. Sullivan have given me immediate and lasting relief.


74 Year Old Free From Fibromyalgia/ Looses Weight & Gets Back Into Life 

I first came to Dr. Sullivan in January of 2009 suffering with muscle pain from Fibromyalgia for about five years.  I weighed 159 pounds and was feeling tired, restricted in activity and depressed because of my limited mobility.  I began the recommended diet that Dr. Sullivan prescribed and his program of treatment over a five month period.  During that time my muscle pain has decreased tremendously and I have lost 14 pounds.  I feel much better and am not suffering as I was with back, leg and arm discomfort almost constantly.  During the months of treatment, Dr. Sullivan began using laser therapy on my back and I truly feel that this has brought about the great improvement I have experienced since the treatment was started.  I am not taking any medication for my fibromyalgia pain and I am continuing on my diet and some water exercising two or three times a week.  I have really made some progress toward moving more easily and almost pain-free.  I thank Dr. Sullivan for helping me obtain a better quality of life at the age of 74.


 Pain and Allergy Free

I went to see Dr. Sullivan in January of 2007 for a neck, upper back and arm pain.  He has been treating me now for a couple of months and the pain is better. It is now March and I've noticed that I didn't have to take anything for allergies yet. This was a surprise because every spring and fall, I constantly take antihistamines and decongestants for allergies. This is the first time I can remember since I'm a child that I m not suffering with allergies. Thank you so much Dr. Sullivan.

Asthma Gone !

Since being diagnosed with asthma in 2007, I have taken several types of medications (preventive inhalers, fast acting inhalers, pills and shots) to control my symptoms.  Although I would take at least two types of treatments per day, my symptoms never improved.  I am so pleased to say that since I have been receiving adjustments my symptoms have subsided and I have not used my inhaler since my chiropractic treatments began.


Asthma Since Birth Gone, As Well As Neck and Back Pain ! 

I was born 1-29-46. At birth the cord was tied around my neck.  Since birth, I have had respiratory problems which turned into asthma.  I have been having bronchial asthma almost all my life, but since coming to Dr. John Sullivan I have NOT had asthma attacks which is very unusual for this time of year.  Normally I would have two shots, one for inflammation and a steroid injection for congestion, and two aerosol sprays for attacks.  Since coming to Dr. Sullivan I have had no attacks from asthma, the pain in my shoulder & head are no longer bothering me.  I had been hit from behind in a car accident and was in a lot of pain, that is why I came for treatment.  Not knowing anything could be done for asthma! Now I can breathe normally which is really great!!  Thanks Doc!


Freedom from Heartburn, Back Spasms & Bladder Problems

My name is Pam and I am a patient of Dr. John Sullivan's. Today's date is 7/28/11. I have been suffering severe heartburn for about a month and was eating lots of TUM's. The heartburn was really bad. I was also having a difficult time urinating. After Dr. John fixed my back spasms I told him I had this burning pain in my lower right abdomen. I never told him about the heartburn or bladder problem. I was being treated for back spasms. He touched the painful area on my abdomen and then touched a place behind my Right knee that Instantly removed the pain and burning in my abdomen. It was IMMEDIATE RESULTS! Besides the painful area going away it totally eliminated my heartburn and bladder problem. Amazing. God Bless YOU and Thank YOU DR. SULLIVAN


Patient Gets The TRUTH About Health and On Her Way To a NEW LIFE

I wanted to write this review in hopes of reaching those of you out there that are in pain...taking pain medication, but getting no relief...I was one of those people. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment to see Dr. Sullivan...you won't regret this decision! I went back to Dr. Sullivan after years of neglecting my health, and with just two adjustments, I can tell I'm on my way to getting better...I've never had this response with my general practitioner...all I got from him were prescriptions that only further damaged my health. If you're truly serious about finding a holistic and natural way to heal your body Chiropractic medicine is the way to go! How many doctors do you know that will host a class on nutrition and health at no charge...Dr. Sullivan does, and I believe he does this because he not only believes in what he's doing, his methods are on the cutting edge of chiropractic medicine...and he is really dedicated to ensuring full health to his patients. What a refreshing and life giving idea in the medical community. Make that call...you'll be glad you did! Thanks Dr. Sullivan for all that you do!

Bobbie D

NOW A BELIEVER.. Pain Free at last and ALLERGY free too.

I went to Dr. Sullivan because I was suffering with deep tissue aches up an down the left side of my body. I'm 41, athletic, and in otherwise good health yet I've been taking ibuprofen 4 days a week for years just to get minimal relief. I've seen a few Dr 's over the years but haven't had any success. I pretty much figured that these aches would always be a part of my life. Dr. Sullivan began treating me and teaching me about proper nutrition. I decided to follow his suggestions and change my eating habits. Dr Sullivan continued to educate me and encourage me and I continued to make progress with the changes. I have now been pain free for 6 weeks(which hasn't happened in 10 years). I've also had terrible seasonal allergies my entire life, this is something that I didn't even mention to Dr Sullivan, but they have improved significantly as well. I'm so grateful to Dr. Sullivan for improving the quality of my life and for his patient persistence in helping me to eat better foods. 

Thank you Dr. Sullivan.

Schanda H. 

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