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Lafayette Chiropractor's Techniques and Services

Dr. John believes in a multi-faceted and low-force approach to wellness.  His Chiropractic adjustment involves little or no force and there is never any cracking or manipulation, as is common among other Chiropractors.  While he is at the cutting edge of Chiropractic, he also advocates nutrition and weight management to improve his clients' overall health.  Proper eating not only improves health in terms of weight, but it can also decrease general back pain, inflammation, fibromyalgia, allergies, learning disabilities, food addiction, etc.

One of Dr. John's techniques is the Activator method. This is the only technique using a hand held cordless instrument whose effectiveness has been proven empirically by clinical study and approved by the FDA.  Briefly, the use of this device involves the patient lying face down, while the Chiropractor tests different levels of the spine for possible problems prior to using the device to gently adjust the spine.  This low-force procedure has been proven effective for a wide range of back pain issues, including fibromyalgia.  This is the ONLY TECHNIQUE IN THE WORLD TO HAVE ACTUALLY DONE CLINICAL TRIALS TO DETERMINE ITS EFFECTIVENESS.

Dr. John also implements cold laser therapy, which is a highly effective method for treating chronic and acute pain soft tissue and joint problems.  This non-invasive technique utilizes a low intensity laser directed at the soft tissue. This stimulates cellular activity, which accelerates healing, provides pain relief, and lessens inflammation.  This treatment is completely safe, and requires no recovery time after treatment.  Problems such as bursitis, some forms of arthritis and fibromyalgia are treated to great effects with laser treatment.

Dr. Sullivan's nutrition classes and dietary guidelines have helped  countless patients to not only loose weight but actually   heal many inflammatory based illness, including but not limited to arthritis, fibromyalgia, IBS, high blood pressure and cholesterol problems. 

As an integral part of care all patients are given the opportunity to learn and perform a remarkable system of restorative exercises called Original Strength. (This system is being introduced at Johns Hopkins  in 2015). These exercises performed as little as 10 minutes a day have the potential to restore and improve your mobility. Classes are given monthly on how to reclaim your body's mobility. 

At his clinic, Dr. John also holds seminars to educate other doctors on his advanced techniques.  Chiropractors from all over the United States and Australia credit him as the source of many of their more cutting edge practices.  He is well renowned in the Chiropractic community for his contributions to the profession.

Our goal at our Lafayette clinic is to "Help you renew the quality of your life by restoring your function and helping you stay healthy for the rest of your life."  We believe that this can be achieved with little or no force applied to your spine.  To make an appointment with our clinic, please call 337-984-9276 and see how we can help you achieve a new level of wellness.

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